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Enjoy Matcha Green Tea in our Historic Teahouse

Teahouse event


Enjoy Matcha Green Tea in our Historic Teahouse
(Fee applies, number of participants limited)

On Sunday Nov. 4, as a special program for museum visitors, we will be serving matcha green tea in the historical “Kōka” teahouse in the museum’s Japanese garden. The museum holds occasional tea ceremonies and workshops in this teahouse, which is a designated an Important Cultural Property, but these are events that must be applied for in advance. This time, we are offering visitors the opportunity – on a drop-in basis with no need for advance reservation – to enjoy green tea and a traditional sweet in the very special setting of the teahouse.

There are two options: You can have matcha tea with a higashi (dry confection) seated at a table in the ryureiseki (area in the teahouse for seated tea ceremony), or you can remove your shoes and enter the hiroma (large tatami room) where you can watch your tea prepared in tea-ceremony fashion (otemae) and be served the matcha with an omogashi (“main” confection). Mid-November is a little early for the best of the fall colors, but with either option you will be able to experience Japanese culture and the special feeling of relaxing in a teahouse in a beautiful Japanese garden. Participation is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis, and fees apply, as detailed below.

Date: Sunday Nov. 4, 2018
Times: 11:00 to 16:00 (apply by 15:30).
However, we will close registration early if the maximum number of persons have been served.

Number of participants:
Ryureiseki (seated at a table): 30 people
Hiroma (tatami room): Tea will be prepared and served (otemae) in three sessions, beginning at 11:30, 12:30 and 13:30, 15 people per session.

Tea tickets will be sold, on the day of the event only, at the main ticket office by the front gate from 10:00. Sales will end when the maximum number of tickets have been sold. One person may purchase up to two tickets.

Fee: Ryureiseki (seated at a table): 700 yen (matcha + sweet, tax included)
Hiroma (tatami room): 1,000 yen (matcha + sweet, tax included)

Payment in cash only. We cannot accept credit cards. You will also need to purchase either a ticket for general admission, which gives you access to the museum, exhibition and garden (1,200 yen), or admission to the garden only (200 yen). Advance reservations are not possible. Tea tickets are valid only for the day of the event and cannot be used at another time. Please keep in mind that the “Kōka” teahouse is an Important Cultural Property and follow instructions of the museum staff when you are entering and inside the teahouse.

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