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Living inside the architecture –Multi-sensory experience and Conversation-

Exhibition related program


Living inside the architecture–Multi-sensory experience and Conversation-

Every time we experience an architectural space, we unconsciously use all of our senses. Of course we see the beauty of the detail, but we also sense the flow of the air, light from the windows, resonant sounds from the ceiling, etc.
In this session, we will start with a conversation on ‘Finger Strolling through the Museum’ in the Welcome Room. We’ll take an overview of the museum building and make a plan to explore the museum at night, without other visitors. While we explore the galleries and backyard, we will carefully listen to external sounds, feel the light with closed eyes, imagine the smell of the dinner party. The facilitator will not conduct a ‘guided tour’ filled with historical or technical information, but she will encourage you to imagine how it was 80 years ago and to share your ideas. This is a special tour to help you gain familiarity with the building and the ability to broaden your enjoyment of any architecture.

Session in English: 25th April, 18:30—20:30
Venue: Tokyo Teien Metropolitan Art Museum
Facilitator: Roisin Inglesby (Intern, Tokyo Teien Metropolitan Art Museum)

Free of charge, but museum admission fee is required. See details here.
Pre-registration necessary (application will open from 25th March).
Suitable for all ages, elementary school and above.
Each session is limited to 15 participants.

*People with pre-school children and wheelchair users are welcome. Please let us know in advance if you require special assistance.
* People with visual impairments are welcome. We will provide audio descriptions of the conversation table. Pick up at Meguro station or Shirokanedai station is available if needed.
* Paid parking on the museum grounds is not available for this session.


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