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About the Museum

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum building, a spectacular feat of Art Deco design, was completed in 1933 as the residence of Prince Asaka. In 1983 the building, already something of a work of art in itself, opened its doors as a one-of-a-kind art museum, its ornate rooms now housing exhibitions set in the peaceful confines of the grounds’ lush gardens.
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館1階の大客室の内観の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館1階の第一応接室の内観の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館1階の大広間の内観の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館2階の若宮居間の照明の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館2階の殿下居間の内観の写真
2014 saw the completion of the museum’s annex, its galleries in the modern ‘white-cube’ style complementing and contrasting with the historically rich spaces of the main building. Of all the residences realized by the Works Bureau of the Imperial Household Ministry, the museum’s main building, with its principal rooms designed by key Art Deco figures such as Henri Rapin and René Lalique, is certainly the most distinctive. In recognition of this, the building was officially designated an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese government in 2015. The gardens (or teien, which give the museum their name) remain virtually unchanged from the time when the grounds served as an imperial residence. The open expanses of grass and the Japanese garden with its pond and miniature hills provide the ideal spot to savour the delights of the changing seasons, such as the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館1階の次室にある香水塔の上部の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館1階の次室にある香水塔の下部の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館の第一階段の装飾ガラスパネルの写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館1階の正面玄関の大理石モザイク張りの床の写真
It is our aim to continue to offer our visitors the opportunity to enjoy works of art in our surrounds by both preserving our precious cultural heritage and striving toward the creation of new experiences and values.
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館南面の外観の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館1階の椅子とテーブルが置かれた大客室の内観の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館2階の若宮居間のマントルピースを中心にした内観の写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館本館2階のベランダから庭園をのぞんだ写真
  • 東京都庭園美術館の芝庭にある安田侃の作品を遠くからながめた写真

Design Outline

Site Area
34,765.02 平方メートル

Main Building

Building Area
Total Floor Area
Reinforced Concrete 3 stories above ground, 1 below ground
Architectural Design
Takumiryo (Bureau of Skilled Artisans) of Kunaisho (Imperial Household Ministry)
Designer for the official rooms
Henri Rapin
Year of completion


Building Area
Total Floor Area
Steel(partially SRC), 2 stories above ground, 1 below ground
Architectural Design and Supervision
Bureau of finance, Public Building Construction and Maintenance Section 1, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Year of completion