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Through the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum’s Learning Program, the museum holds a variety of educational programs that enable children and adults alike to enjoy the museum and the arts and culture more deeply. These include exhibition-related programs and workshops that emphasize hands-on activities and dialogue.

The Learning Program’s Three Themes

  1. Connect the museum experience to everyday life.
  2. Discover your own way to enjoy the museum.
  3. Encounter new ways of thinking and feeling by sharing a time, place, and theme with others.

Welcome Room

The Learning Program is based on the first floor of the Main Building. Visitors can stop by before or after viewing the exhibition to relax and enjoy books and a variety of educational resources. We hold workshops in conjunction with current exhibitions, as well as workshops that allow participants to better appreciate the building.

Exhibitions Related Programs

Talking events and workshops are held in conjunction with museum exhibitions. These events are recommended for visitors who want to deepen their enjoyment and appreciation of the exhibition.

School Programs

The museum offers programs for elementary through high school-age children and college students to help them appreciate the building and exhibitions. We also hold Teachers’ Week and other programs designed for teachers.

Access Programs

We offer a variety of programs with the aim of being a comfortable place for all kinds of people, including people with and without disabilities and families living with babies.Slow, relaxed tourTour the museum with your baby

Enjoying the Museum in \Easy Japanese\

We hold programs for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to get together and have fun. Participants view the artworks and take part in workshops with the artists.

Lecture Series

The museum holds courses on themes related to the museum, such as Art Deco, from the perspective of architecture, decorative arts, fine arts, gardens, and more. In addition to the museum’s curators, we also invite experts from outside the museum to lead these courses.

Past Programs