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Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum will participate in Art Week Tokyo (November 3-6, 2022)



Art Week Tokyo is an annual showcase of the creativity and diversity of contemporary art in Tokyo, connecting over 50 of the city’s leading museums, galleries, and art spaces through four days of coordinated programming. Get the free AWT PASS app for unprecedented access to one of the world’s most dynamic art scenes.

Download your free ticket to Art Week Tokyo. Show your AWT PASS to ride the AWT BUS, obtain reduced admission to participating museums, and enter the AWT BAR.
When live, the app also includes a customizable map, real-time bus tracking, illustrated exhibition listings, and an interactive stamp rally feature that awards prizes for completing each bus route.

All Art Week Tokyo venues are connected by special bus service across six routes. Buses run every 15 minutes between 10am and 6pm and may be boarded/disembarked at any stop. Show your AWT PASS app to ride the bus. To go to Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, disembark at A1, Route A.

Use the AWT APP to scan the unique stamp codes on display at each venue and win a limited-edition tote bag for each bus route you complete. Drop by the Information Center (B4, F4) to collect your tote bag.

CONTACT TEL:03-6631-7827
Adress:港区南青山5-4-30 emergence aoyama complex 1F mosaic(B4、F4)