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Journey and Imagination

The desire to go on a journey. The yearning to travel to someplace elsewhere.
Over the past two and a half years in which restrictions had been placed on our freedom of movement, people throughout the world had abandoned all hopes for travel.
During this period, a significant number of us developed a growing fondness for travel, and have undoubtedly yearned for the opportunity to embark upon journeys.
What is the nature and definition of a journey?

This exhibition is an “anthology” that attempts to consider the outcome of such questions through taking clues from the journeys of others.
What serves as an introduction is a trip to Europe taken by Prince and Princess Asaka a century ago, which had a great influence on the architecture of the main building of the Teien Art Museum.
The travel scenery of the 1920s as they would have seen are introduced through arts and crafts, and various reference materials.
This is followed by a private collector's quest to collect railway related materials, and works by contemporary artists that draw inspiration from the Former Residence of Prince Asaka, presented in the form of installations that make use of the building’s unique architectural space.
The stories and narratives hidden within each journey no longer belong to the traveler alone, but lie waiting for you who receive them to think about and richly experience in your imagination. The journeys of others harbor the potential to “someday become the journeys of our own.”

We hope that the journeys you encounter in the exhibition will serve as an opportunity to expand your imagination and be the first step toward opening up new journeys for you.

Visiting information


Journey and Imagination
Connecting to the Stories of Others


Friday, 23 September - Sunday 27 November, 2022

Closed every Mondays (except October 10), and October 11


Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
5-21-9, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel 050-5541-8600


10:00 - 18:00 (Last admission at 17:30)


Online reservation is recommended for the exhibition.
Reserve Ticket for Your Visit here.

  General Group
Adults General¥1,400 Advance/Group¥1,120
University students General¥1,120 Advance/Group¥890
Middle & high school students General¥700 Advance/Group¥560
Senior (65 and over) General¥700 Advance/Group¥560

・A ticket for admission to the Museum also admits you to the garden.
・Figures in parentheses are group admission fees (for groups of 20 or more).
・Admission is free for elementary and younger students and for middle school students residing in or attending school in Tokyo.
・Admission is free for visitors (and two accompanying persons) with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Certificate.
・Admission is free for teacher-led educational visits by Tokyo primary, junior high, and high school students.
Admission is free for seniors (65 and above) on the third Wednesday of each month.
Suspended until further notice

Organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture,
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Cooperated by

Japan Travel Bureau Foundation Library of Tourism Culture

With the annual co-sponsorship of

Toda Corporation,
Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg
Van Cleef & Arpels

Exhibition Highlights

  • Ⅰ.A Traveller From a Century Ago: Prince Asaka’s Grand Tour

    The experiences of Prince and Princess Asaka’s trip to France, serves as the introduction to the exhibition as exemplifying the “Fruits of a Journey,” and guides viewers on the couple’s travels from a century ago.

  • Ⅱ.Journeying Through Collecting: The Story of a Collector

    The hobby room of a collector known for collecting railway related materials from the first half of the 20th century when the Former Prince Asaka Residence was built, is replicated for display.

    Collection of Shunichiro Nakamura
    courtesy of Kiya Gallery

  • Ⅲ.Journeys Depicted by Contemporary Artists

    The works of contemporary artists are presented in the main building and the new building of the museum. The various journeys conveyed through each artist's unique perspective, invites viewers on new journeys that they may encounter again someday.

    Hiraki Sawa, dwelling, 2002 ⒸHiraki Sawa

    〈Exhibiting Artists〉Masaru Aikawa,Koichi Kurita,Hiraki Sawa,Naoyo Fukuda,Aiko Miyanaga,evala, Kenzo Takada,Cassandre and others.

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