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MODE SURREAL A Crazy Love for Wearing

Surrealism, which was the greatest art movement of the 20th century, exerted influence on every aspect of the age. Its impact was felt deep within consciousness, extending beyond the bounds of expression. In the world of fashion, brand new ideas that had absorbed the influence of Surrealism were realized thanks to the awareness of several outstanding creators who, anticipating the image of a new era, reflected the spirit of the age while producing innovative fashion that overlapped with the Surrealists ideals.

One of these designers was Elsa Schiaparelli, who had friends amongst the Surrealists. She proactively incorporated the sensibility of writers who had been deployed in creating Surrealist paintings and objects into the world of fashion. Schiaparelli created a lot of unique jewelry that bore resemblance to the paintings of Salvador Dali, from whom she drew inspiration.

Conversely, the Surrealists drew inspiration from items of clothing and accessories such as coats, dresses, hats, walking sticks and gloves, which provided the stimulus for numerous art works that included paintings, photographs and objects. The opportunities presented by the unique expressive power of Surrealism continue to influence today’s fashion world, with Surrealism inspired designs such as a hat in the shape of a shoe motif and garments bearing trompe l’oeil-like illustration.

This exhibition also focuses on a group of works that share Surrealist sensibilities. With what, to us today, seem bizarre notions as a theme, it presents wide-ranging displays, from historic fashion plates from the seventeenth century to contemporary art. With the influence of Surrealism on fashion as one perspective, it explores the expressive beauty that generated, through its free creative power and unique ideas, sensations in the fashion world.

Visiting information


A Crazy Love for Wearing


Saturday, 15 January - Sunday 10 April, 2022

Closed every Mondays (except March 21), and March 22


Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
5-21-9, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel 050-5541-8600


10:00 - 18:00 (Last admission at 17:30)


Online reservation is recommended for the exhibition.
Reserve Ticket for Your Visit here.

  General Group
Adults General¥1,400 Advance/Group¥1,120
University students General¥1,120 Advance/Group¥890
Middle & high school students General¥700 Advance/Group¥560
Senior (65 and over) General¥700 Advance/Group¥560

・Figures in parentheses are group admission fees (for groups of 20 or more).
・Admission is free for elementary and younger students and for middle school students residing in or attending school in Tokyo.
・Admission is free for visitors (and two accompanying persons) with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Certificate.
・Admission is free for teacher-led educational visits by Tokyo primary, junior high, and high school students.
Admission is free for seniors (65 and above) on the third Wednesday of each month.
Suspended until further notice

On Photography

Photography in the galleries is permitted for only some works in this exhibition. Please follow these instructions:

When photographing

・Do not monopolize the space in front of a work to take closeups or sequential photographs or otherwise interfere with other visitors’ enjoyment of the exhibition.

・Minimize the shutter sound.

・Do not use flash, reflectors, tripods or unipods, selfie sticks, or telephoto lenses.

・If a staff member informs you that photography is prohibited, for safety reasons, respect that request.

・Do not take videos.

・Photography is permitted for non-commercial, personal use only. To conduct commercial photography, you must submit an application in advance.

・When displaying your photographs, respect the right to privacy of other visitors who may be included in them.

・All actions that endanger the works or the buildings are prohibited.

Some exhibits may be replaced during the exhibition period.

Organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture,
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Cooperated by

Mugen Design Studio Co., Ltd.

With the co-sponsorship of

Toda Corporation,
Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg

Exhibition Guide

Exhibition Catalogue

  • Mode Surreal A Crazy Love for Wearing

    Published by Seigensha Art Publishing
    Texts by Kyoko Jimbo (Curator, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum)
    Design by Reiko Harajo

    Catalogue essay(pdf)

    Now available in the Online Shop.

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Top : Jan Fabre, Hals Pantser, 1996-2002, Private collection ©Jan Fabre - Hals Pantser - SABAM, Bruxelles & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2021 B0568 / photo by Shugo Arts - Shigeo Muto
Bottom : Corset, c.1880, England, Kobe Fashion Museum

1.Elsa Schiaparelli, Evening Cape, 1938, The Kyoto Costume Institute photo by Taishi Hirokawa
2.Scottish Grouse Foot Brooch, Scotland WBS (Ward Brothers), 1953, Accessory Museum
3.Corset, c.1880, England, Kobe Fashion Museum
4.Martin Margiela, Necklace, 2006, The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by The Kyoto Costume Institute
5.Harry Gordon, Poster Dress, c.1968, The Kyoto Costume Institute photo by Takashi Hatakeyama
6.Martin Margiela, Dress, 2006, The Kyoto Costume Institute photo by The Kyoto Costume Institute
7.Noritaka Tatehana, Heel-less Shoes (Lady Pointe), 2014, private collection photo by GION
8.Masaya Kushino, LUNG-TSHUP-TA, 2009, artist’s collection