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Walls that Talk: Stories from the Former Prince Asaka Residence

The construction of the former Prince Asaka residence (now the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, an Important Cultural Property), was inspired by the Art Deco Exposition of 1925 which the Asaka no Miya visited while on a sojourn in Paris that year. Imprinted with the Imperial family’s actions and thoughts, in the post-war period the residence was used as the official residence of Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida, who concluded the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1951/2. As such, the site became the stage for many important affairs.
Even today, the histories and memories of visitors to this rare Art Deco building remain with us. Therefore, in this exhibition, together with objects from this museum’s collections, memories from years gone by are gathered together in the living architecture of this building. In the context of the enduring appeal of the former Asaka residence, we focus on the activities of the former inhabitants of and visitors to this site.

【Also on view】French Picture Books: Collection of Shigeru Kashima

Opening to the Public

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum holds an exhibition once a year to enable the public to fully appreciate the charm of the former Asaka no Miya residence, which was completed in 1933. In addition to introducing pieces from this museum’s Art Deco collections, this exhibition will feature records and exhibits associated with the former Asaka no Miya. It aims to deepen our understanding of this architectural space and scenery, which is of worldwide value and significance.

Visiting information


Walls that Talk : Stories from the Former Prince Asaka Residence


Wednesday, March 21 – Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018


Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
5-21-9, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel +81(0)3 3443 0201


Closed on Mar.28, Apr.11 and 25, May.9 and 23

Opening Times:

10:00–18:00 (Last admission: 17:30)
Mar. 23, 24, 30, 31, Apr. 6, 7 opening until 20:00 (Last admission 19:30)


  General Advance/Group
Adults General¥900 Advance/Group¥720
College and vocational students General¥720 Advance/Group¥570
Junior high and high school students General¥450 Advance/Group¥360
Senior(65 and over) General¥450 Advance/Group¥360

・Figures in parentheses are group admission fees (for groups of 20 or more).
・Admission is free for elementary and younger students and for middle school students residing or going to schools in Tokyo.
・Admission is free for visitors (and one accompanying person) with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor's Certificate.
・Admission is free for seniors (65 and above) on the third Wednesday of each month.
・Pre-purchased tickets are available online from e+:

Organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture,
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Cooperation with


With the co-sponsorship of

Toda Cooperation

Programs and Events

  • English Gallery Talk

    A Gallery Talk in English for the exhibition,
    'Walls that Talk: Stories from the Former Prince Asaka Residence' will be held as follows;

    Date and time: 13 April, Friday, 14:00-
    Venue: Main building,
    Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
    Pre-registration is not required
    Free with museum admission

    Plaese come and join us !

Photography OK !

but please be sure…

・Please be considerate of others when you take a photo.

・Please do not use flash, reflectors, unipod/tripod, selfie stick or telephoto lens with camera

・Security guards protect you and the artworks. Please respect their request.

・Please do not take a movie in the facility.

・For non-commercial and private use only

・When disclosing the photos, please be reminded not to infringe the other visitors' rights of publicity.

上段左から:旧朝香宮邸 次室・香水塔 1933年竣工時、旧朝香宮邸 正面玄関、旧朝香宮邸 正面玄関 ガラスレリーフ扉 ルネ・ラリック作(部分)
下段左から:旧朝香宮邸 殿下居間 ラジエーターカバー、ルネ・ラリック 花瓶《オラン》1927年、旧朝香宮邸 姫宮寝室前照明、小客室 壁画 アンリ・ラパン(部分)