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Exhibition related Program

TamaEcal Instagram Exhibition

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum held a three-day online workshop “TamaEcal Workshop”, inspired by the exhibition “Constructive Posters of the 20th Century”. It was held in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, with faculty members and graduates of the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL) as Instructors, and graduate students at Tama Art University as participants. Each of the Instructors were in Lausanne, Paris, and Seoul, and the participants gathered in a classroom in Tokyo. The workshop, which was held through a network, was highly experimental, but it proved to be a fruitful example of how modernist typeface design is still an effective means of design and education today.

The works produced in this workshop and their process are exhibited on our official Instagram. Please visit our online space as well as the “Constructive Posters of the 20th Century”. 

Day 1: 18 May 2021
Modular Typeface Design

Creating a typeface is often a long and time-consuming process. In this workshop, participants will experiment with shapes and forms to develop a modular typeface.

Instructor:Chi-Long & Chi-Binh Trieu

Both graduated ECAL. Chi-Long is based in Switzerland as a lecturer of ECAL and Chi-Binh is based in Osaka. Very well known for their multilingual design.

Day 2: 19 May 2021
Armin Hofmann’s Fluid Matrix Devices

Play with Hofmann’s grid
Understand the Matrix
1 Shape = 1 Letter ??
Experiment with letterforms
Legibility / Illegibility
Draw letters with different scales
Design a Matrix for someone else

Instructor:Eliott Grunewald

Graduates of ECAL, based in Paris. Very well known for his project-driven and constructive display typeface design for multiple media.

Day 3: 20 May 2021
Constructive Type

Participants are introduced a constructive approach to make letterforms. They are encouraged to explore several different ways to build letterforms with a few given shapes on a given grid.

Instructor:Nayo Kim

Graduates of ECAL, based in Seoul. With her non-latin-alphabet-native background, she developed multilingual and deconstructive typographic project in her graduation work.

Title design: Pang Haoyu & Tsin Wang
Photo: Masayo Terabayashi