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Learning Program 

Welcome Room

When you’ve reached the Teien Art Museum, where should you go first?

To warm up, mentally and emotionally, before heading for our galleries,
To relax and sort out your feelings after seeing an exhibition,
To share your impressions—
Please drop by the Welcome Room.

We have turned a former office space that was not open to the public into the Welcome Room.
Here you will find books about the museum’s architecture and exhibitions, a corner where you can try out our original app, and “Finger Strolling through the Museum,” a tool for talking about your discoveries and experiences.


Comments by visitors:
“Before I knew it, I’d spent three hours with my kid here, coloring and reading picture books!”
(A woman with an elementary-school-aged child.)
“I couldn’t tour the second floor because I’m in a wheel chair, but I enjoyed looking at the photographs and tracing the maps here.” (Man in his 70s)
“If I hadn’t visited this room, I would have overlooked parts of the museum. It helped me make a lot of discoveries.” (Man in his 30s)
“The Welcome Room is really something! I got to touch things, and there are lots of books and origami. When I come here with my family, I want to play here with my little sister.”
(Second grader who came as part of a school class trip)


*The Welcome Room is open whenever the museum is. After you enter the museum, turn right, and there it is, just beyond the coin locker room.
*There is no charge for using the Welcome Room itself, but, since it is inside the museum, the museum admission fee is required.

Finger Strolling through the Museum

The architecture of this museum was originally built as a private residence.
Imagine the time when the building was constructed in 1933. Take a stroll!

“Finger Strolling through the Museum” you can find in the welcome room is designed as a conversation table.
Share your stories and ideas, and also enjoy the findings and thoughts of others.
That is where your adventure in the museum begins.


Urushi lacquer
Tatsuya Asobe
Katsuhiro Yuda
Shutaro Yabashi
Takashi Maruya, Kazuo Fukuda
Cast iron
Fumio Miyaguchi, Kazuo Fukuda
Gengo Furukawa
Takeyama woodworks
Nagano mfg
Nao Saito
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum