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–The Lifeline of Decoration

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum has launched TTM: IGNITION BOX. With this program, the museum becomes a nexus where film, music and media art intersect, showcasing the riches of the performing arts launched in Tokyo. Founded in 2015, IGNITION BOX, under the direction of four specialists from outside the museum, delivers a variety of works, including theatrical performances, live events, and films, presented with the museum as their stage.

This year, IGNITION BOX will collaborate with DOMMUNE again. Back in January 2017, "EXTREAM QUIET VILLAGE" where these two projects first met encountered the "experimental micro-sound festival", created a new sound experience and recorded about 12,000 viewers on web streaming. For this time, we will hold "The lifeline of decoration" as a related to our exhibition "Decoration never dies, anyway". By touching the very edge in expressions today, this title will come up with stronger persuasive statement.

20 January, Sat. 13:00-
Reservation has been closed.
The event will be viewable streaming through DOMMUNE website

Venue:Annex Gallery 2, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Seating capacity:90

Pre-registration required

Free with museum admission

  • Filament (Otomo Yoshihide + Sachiko M)(Musician)
    Alice Hiiragi (Dancer / Senkaibuyoh)
    Kenichi Kanazawa (Artist / Visual performance)
    Akiko Nakayama (Artist / Alive painting)
    Akihiko Taniguchi (Artist / CG, Media art)
    DUENN (Composer)
Direction & Live Streaming by Naohiro Ukawa / DOMMUNE
  • Born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1968. Filmmaker, graphic designer, VJ, writer, and "contemporary artist"... Ukawa adopts an omnidirectional approach to an exceedingly wide variety of artistic activities. As a "MEDIA THERAPIST", he has crossed out accepted fine art and popular culture in turning towards the most freely expressive activities Japan has on offer. March 2010 marked his sudden independent launch of the live streaming studio/channel "DOMMUNE", an online media platform that has hit record view counts and has become a Japan Media Arts Festival recommended work through its continuous call for discussion both domestically and abroad. Currently, DOMMUNE remains Ukawa's profession. http://www.dommune.com

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, TTM: IGNITION BOX program
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